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What is detailing?
Detailing is a process carried out to a vehicle whereby a 'deep clean' is carried out and focus is centralled around enhancing or protecting the vehicles Paintwork/ interior/ engine/ chassis or all of the above.Detailing involves many stages including preliminary deep cleaning, claying, polishing by machine and by hand, application of specific waxes and sealants, interior cleaning and care products and focus on the re-finishing of parts including engine components, exhausts, seals and of course the 'nooks and crannies'

What is Claying?
Claying is a process of deep cleansing to a vehicles bodywork and exterior whereby a specific density of clay is used to remove road tars, inground dirt, overspray, tree sap and any other item that clings to a vehicles exterior, it is completely safe and if carried out by a professional will cause no harm whatsoever. When detailing a car this is an essential process to ensure the surface area is prepped ready for further cleansing of paintwork and initial polishing

Will a detail cause my paint to wear faster?
This is a common question as deeper machine polishing is intrusive to a vehicle 'clear coat' or lacquer. At KIK our aim is to focus on creating the best finish whilst keeping the most protection possible. Some cars are used for show, some museum pieces where as others are used daily, this will help us determine what course of action should be taken. Ultimately my take on this concern is that if a vehicle is treated correctly and maintained keeping a good quality wax or sealant topped up and the vehicle cleaned correctly the car will always look incredible after detailing has been done

What is the cost of a detail
This is quite a tricky question to answer. Each car is very different. KIK will asses the car and accurately quote befroe any work carried out and the price you are quoted is the price you pay. We must take into account mileage, paint age, vehicles future usage and obviously the budget you are working towards. As a guide an 'entry level' protection detail can start from £100. This can go all the way up to around £700-800 but please note this cost involves a 2-3 day detail where wheels are removed, trim removed and all aspects of the car prepared to a concourse level. The average prestige/ supercar owner for instance will often have a package taking 4 hours - day to complete and the cost for this would be approx £175 - £350

Will i notice the difference
YES! absolutely!, Every client who has had a detail done to their cars is amazed at the results, scratches and swirls are removed, deplth and clarity are restored, water beads off effortlessly, its easier to clean, tree sap and bird mess can be washed away with ease!, We always find on completion there is a real sense of pride from the owner towards their vehicle, a lot of customers make comments like "it looks better than new", or "i dont ever remember it looking that good"....