KIK Valeting Ltd - Professional Mobile Valeting Solutions

Paul Gardner MREC CertRP
Managing Director
With an avid love of cars, it was only a matter of time before Paul decided to turn his passion into a business. With over 11 years experience of vehicle modification, the building of track vehicles and show cars you can rest assured that his passion will pay dividends when it comes to the preparation and maintenance of your pride and joy. A huge petrol head, Paul has owned nearly 70 vehicles, has won numerous competitions, and has a love of motorsport and trackdays. Paul also has a background in property, being an estate agent and property developer for over 8 years, the general cleaning and stone cleaning division of KIK stems from demand from clients including developers and local builders. Paul prides himself on customer service and a strong focus to exceed customer expectations
Michael Pedder
Regional Owner
Sharing Paul's passion for vehicles, and after many initial discussions and meetings it wasn't long before Michael felt the time was right for KIK valeting to become a reality. Being al partner in the orchestration and creation of the company his knowledge of the market, products and his reputation has paid dividends. Michael has also come from a property background where his popularity and rapport amogst all his clients be it private or coorporate has ensured KIK valeting has a loyal and strong client base. Michael has a centred and focussed vision of the future of the company and is the person to go to for problem solving!